The Secret Diary of HB-JZI : an Airbus A319 owned by easyJet Switzerland

(There's many a true word spoken in jest)

08/31/2010 : Easyjet and I had a bad weekend

09/22/2010 : easyJet: the cancellations start again

10/06/2010 : easyJet Switzerland: Gatwick suffers yet again

10/14/2010 : It has been a bad week for easyJet and other airlines

11/06/2010 : (HB-JZ)I have been replaced by two new easyJet A319

11/12/2010 : easyJet Switzerland helps out easyJet UK

11/24/2010 : A quiet day for some easyJet Switzerland aircraft, but ...

11/28/2010 : easyJet problems are not just from the snow!

12/24/2010 : I (HB-JZI) am back at last to help out.

04/01/2011 : I saw problems for easyJet passengers recently